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Airius Destratification Ceiling Fans

Airius, LLC is an air circulation specialist focusing on the process known as thermal destratification through the use of our patented thermal destratification ceiling fans.

Thermal Destratification

Thermal destratification is the equalisation of the air temperature throughout a building or enclosed space via our quiet economic directional ceiling fans. The significance of this is that this prevents all the hot air in a room, factory or warehouse rising to the ceiling and all the cold air sinking to the most important area i.e. the floor. The benefits of destratification are clear:

  • More comfortable working environment
  • Works alongside existing HVAC systems
  • Between 20% - 35% reduction of heating bills
  • Significantly reduced cooling bills
  • Minimal running costs
  • Simple to install
  • Rapid ROI of 2 − 3 years

From factory temperature control, greenhouse temperature control, office temperature control and warehouse temperature control, Airius has a destratification ceiling fan that will suit your facility.